Jars of Clay

Forever Fragile. Forever Faithful.

Are you dehydrated spiritually? With the virtual church and social distancing, it is easy to lose our zeal for God. I know I have. But what if Jesus has an answer for our dry season? What if He says HE is the answer?  Let's look in John 4. It has rejuvenated me, and I am trusting it will do the same for you! Music: Abide with Me x Indelible Grace **I do not own the copyrights to this music** Blog site: http://www.hisjarofclay.com
  1. Dry Seasons
  2. We. Are. Back!
  3. Little Faith, Arise
  4. Hang in There
  5. IYKYK

Welcome! I am so glad you are here.

JOC is a ministry that is for you. Whether you are a listener or a reader, my prayer is that you leave here encouraged. I hope this will help us all see the need for vulnerability, transparency and authenticity in our lives. Time has run out for faking and glamor.

We are all plain, fragile jars of clay. But with Christ, we have received such a valuable piece of treasure. One that never gets old, cannot be bought or traded, and lasts for eternity. We may be fragile, but let’s choose to be faithful.