About me


I’m Alexis, the creator of this blog. Here’s the 5 W’s that will answer your questions to who I am, why I created this blog, what this site is about, where I am headed, and how this may help you no matter the season you’re in.

WHO am I?

Once again, my name is Alexis Murphy. I am an ordinary girl born and raised in Jackson, Tennessee. I currently reside in Memphis, where I attend the University of Memphis as a nursing major. The majority of my life has been centered around sports, fair grades, my hopes to please God and purpose to find His will for my life.

I was born in a two-parent Christian household where I went to church regularly. I first gave my life to Christ (or made a profession of faith) when I was seven years old, days after I recovered from a unexpected, life-threatening hospitalization. Since then, I really thought I was the best, most-favored Christian known to man and God. However, once divorce crept into our lives, tons of brokenness and disparity flooded from heart. At the age of 12, I believe I got my first dose of rejection. The latter half of junior high and all throughout high school was my attempt to find happiness that was unfairly snatched away from me. I had to fill the void in my heart, some way somehow.

So I invested my time into the game of basketball. Oh, how I love(d) the game. I spent countless hours sharpening my skills to carry my weight for my team and coach. It instantly became an idol. Apart from the game, I dove into countless relationships to feel appreciated and of worth. Neither sports nor relationships were sufficient.

My life took a sharp 180º-turn during my junior year of high school. A very unhealthy relationship drove me to quitting basketball and forsaking the plans I sought for myself. I  was lost and helpless…but never hopeless. The same night I quit the team, I drove home sobbing (and, probably swerving) while crying out to God, “I surrender it all. I have nothing else. I’m yours.” Did I know what that meant? No. Did I mean what I said? Every word.

WHY I created this blog?

This blog was given to me as a quiet whisper from the Holy Spirit. Many doubts and excuses flooded my mind as I came up with every reason to not do this. (1) No one will read it. (2) No one cares about what I have to say. (3) This is yet another blog that will soon be lost in the cloud.

But, I have learned over my twenty-years of living that obedience + faith = supernatural results. I truly believe that God will use this space for His glory. I believe that He will direct all eyes to this blog that needs it. Lastly, I have discovered a newfound love for expressive writing and there’s no better place than here!

WHAT this site is about?

This blog contains four key areas that equally define who I am along with the challenges that I face.

  1. Christian and Single
  2. Young and Educated
  3. Black and Female
  4. Aspiring Musician

I hope that one, if not all, of these subjects can be of help to you. Moreover, I hope it helps you to understand different points of view than your own. Maybe you’re a white, married atheist who is going on fifty with no college education who hates music and all feminist views. I would say, this is the place for you.

Also, disclaimer, I do not speak for all African American women or Christians. I am one person who will only take credit and speak for myself through my perspective and experiences. I encourage us all to build deeper relationships with those around us. It’s the only way to understand one another.

WHERE am I headed?

Put simply, I’m headed into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ. That is my daily path, direction and vision. Along the way, I hope to invest my time into my patient’s lives; invest my life into high school kids; invest my resources into those in need.

HOW this will help you?

I could answer this question in many ways, but overall, I hope this will help us all see the need for vulnerability, transparency and authenticity in our lives. Time has run out for faking and glamor. We are all plain, fragile jars of clay. But with Christ, we have received such a valuable piece of treasure. One that never gets old, cannot be bought or traded, and lasts for eternity. We may be fragile, but let’s choose to be faithful.